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George 'Nighthawk' Lilly has been in the business for over fifty years as a musician and I bet hardly anyone knows him. Lilly, who entered the professional musical arena in 1961, first started playing in a Rock’Roll Band, moved from CapeCod to Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky, later on to New York and then to the New England area, as well as to other locations such as New Orleans and Florida. The man also ran a studio in the seventies and eighties, was responsible for a radio station and worked there with musicians such as Muddy Waters, Sun Ra, Tom Scott, Taj Mahal, [...]


So you see that with this George Lilly and the Half-Fast Allstarz we still get to hear some nice blues that we did not know existed at first. This one from Hope Sound FL. descending bluesman brings [...]

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This can be read on his Facebook page, otherwise, I have found almost nothing about this good man. No website and hardly any information on the internet. Also, the website of promoter Hemifran is silent [...]


George 'Nighthawk' Lilly has finally put together his dream band after more than 50 years of professional performance. The Alf-Fast Allstarz band is a pounding rhythm section that powerfully incarnates Louisiana influenced Blues and R [...]