This can be read on his Facebook page, otherwise, I have found almost nothing about this good man. No website and hardly any information on the internet. Also, the website of promoter Hemifran is silent in all languages. George Lilly, a musician and sound technician with more than fifty years of experience, probably thinks that good music sells itself. He was not always working in the blues, he was, for example, in the seventies sound engineer of heavy metal records! Thinkin ‘About You Baby has become a wonderfully laid-back and accessible album. The experience is over. The escorts do not sound too pushy and play entirely in the service of the songs. Regularly, to use an antique term, it swings out of the pan. Just listen to the exciting saxes and keys in the Walking the Dog of Rufus Thomas. Recorded as the only song live. A song with a very nostalgic touch for me. It was one of my favorite songs on the debut album of The Rolling Stones. The first album that I bought as a young teenager. Thinkin ‘About You Baby is mainly filled with well-chosen covers from Little Walter, Otis Rush, Mose Allison, James Booker, Buddy Guy and Junior Wells, in which New Orleans never seems far away. The title track, Just Because and Love, Love, Love are of their own and do not fall under the other material. Wonderful picture of seasoned musicians.

  • Theo Volk